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  • 3A components is your reliable partner from Asia . We insist on offering original genuine parts, supporting franchised agency source ! No worry to work with us!

  • Xilinx is the world's leading supplier of programmable logic complete solutions. Xilinx develope- product-and sell to  a wide range of advanced integrated circuits, software design tools, and intellectual property (IP) cores that are predefined system-level functions.

  • The Xilinx product line includes Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs). This solution reduces the time for electronics manufacturers to develop products and accelerates the time to market, thereby reducing the manufacturer's risk.

  • Xilinx products have been widely used in digital electronic applications from wireless base station to DVD player. Traditional semiconductor companies have only a few hundred customers, and Xilinx has more than 7,500 customers worldwide and more than 50,000 design starts.

Part Num. Mfq D/C Qty Remark
XA2C256-7VQG100I XILINX 2011+ 1000
LM317MDTR Texas Instruments 2018+ 50000
OPA4140AIDR Texas Instruments 2018+ 17500
EP4CGX15BF14C8N ALTERA 2016+ 600
MT29F1G08ABAEAH4:E MICRON 2018+ 12600
MT47H64M16HR-3 IT:E MICRON 2018+ 3000
XC95144XL-10TQG100I XILINX 2015+ 270
DRV8806PWP Texas Instruments 2018+ 2160
MT28EW256ABA1HJS-0SIT MICRON 2018+ 5760
XC2S400E-6FGG456C XILINX 2013+ 100

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