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Direct Franchised agency source.


3A components'greatest luck is have a professinal and passinate team!

They strictly on every process, try best to help customers to design a best solution!

Sanny Du

Sanny Du

USA and Europe sales manager

Sanny is the first employee of 3A and has been working in IC sales for 13 years.She is a very trustworthy person to get along with, Not only in work but also in daily life friends.

Tony Kuo

Tony Kuo

Channel Manager

Tony is a nice person in our company,easy to get along with him. Every one like him! He takes charge of source relationship. Tony had helped 3A registered in so many franchised.

Wuxin Ye

Wuxin Ye

Sales assiatant

Wuxin is a sunshine boy graduated from University electronic major last year. He work hard and sometimes give us professinal idear from his technology.

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